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Hyundai launched the Elantra back in 1990 as a compact sedan focused on entry price.  Style, refined interior, and driving experience were not high on the list.  Today the Hyundai Elantra is still priced very attractively with an entry price of 20K but now offers much more bang for buck.  For a compact car it offers quite a decent amount of space inside, styling is way improved, a good list of standard safety features are standard, and a good driving experience for the price.  Back in the early days of the Hyunda Elantra, OEM Steel Wheels were common.  Over the last 10 years OEM Alloy Wheels have become much more common in 16-17 inch.  The Elantra uses 5 Spoke Swirl Styles along with some 5 Double Spoke Designs.  Hyundai Elantras have a combination of Silver, Black with Machined Face, and Charcoal Colors.  Find your Hyundai Elantra Wheels below at incredible wholesale prices.

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