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Products | OEM Alloy Wheels, Factory Steel Rims, Replica Stock Alloy Rims, see below for details

We Ship from 38 Warehouses Nationwide providing Fast Delivery!       

Factory Original Alloy Wheels (OEM)

Our most popular product line is Genuine OEM Alloy Wheels. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, these are the genuine original rim offered for your car, truck, or SUV. These are perfect for people who need a single replacement alloy wheel or a new set of 4 to really set you car apart from the rest! Many customers desire a larger size or the wheels which came on the top trim level to make there car look awesome and not spend a fortune at the dealer. The stock alloy rims are refinished to brand new condition, exact color and finish match guaranteed. Hundreds of new car dealers use our rims as "New Replacement Quality" they truly are just like brand new wheels. There is a lifetime finish warranty and all rims are spun and tested to ensure they are good and straight. Search our online catalog to find your Original Factory Alloy Rims today!

Factory Original Steel Wheels (OEM)

Also very popular are Factory OEM Steel Wheels for your car, truck, or SUV. Many new vehicles today are still coming with steel wheels, and we have you covered with thousands of replacement original steel wheels. These are also refinished to perfect original color and finish and are used by our wholesale customers as "just like new". Again all rims are spun and tested and all steel rims are guaranteed by Finish Line Wheels. Find a replacement OEM steel wheel in our online catalog or a set of 4 steel wheels can be a great inexpensive option for a dedicated set of Winter Rims and Tires. You may also find a smoking deal on our alloy wheels for a winter set as well.

Replica Alloy (Aluminum) Wheels, (OER RIMS)

OER stands for "Original Equipment Replica", these are brand new reproduction wheels which are made to factory specs, factory color, and factory finish. If you find them in the main catalog by selecting your car or truck make from the homepage, these are exact replacements and can be used to replace the genuine OEM rims. They generally cost a little less than the genuine OEM Wheels so if cost is a concern this can be a good option. We also carry a line of replica wheels which you will find in our Specials Pages on the right side of the homepage. These are a unique line of very cool replica wheels for cars like Mustangs, Corvettes, Audi, Mercedes, Chevy Truck, Ford Truck, Lexus, Cadillacs, Range Rover, and more. These are always offered in sets of 4 and many come in custom sizes and colors. All of these are built using the Factory Wheel as the inspiration for this line of replicas.

Wheel Pictures in the Catalog are to help identify the Wheel Style.  Most wheels are offered in multiple Finishes (Silver, Chrome, Machined, Polished, Colors...), and we may have only one Picture available.  The Part # and Wheel Finish you order is what you will receive, GUARANTEED!  Please Email or Call if you have a question about Wheel Finish.

Center Caps are not included with Wheels unless stated in the product description.  Factory Original center caps fit all Rims available at Finish Line Wheels!  Chrome Center Caps are usually included when purchasing a set of Chrome Alloy Wheels.  Some Replica Alloy Wheel Sets include center caps, see product description in our Specials Pages.   
All Non-Chrome Rims (Silver, Machined, Various Colors, Polished) include a lifetime warranty on the finish!  

All Chrome Wheels include a 1 year warranty on the chrome finish!   


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