Factory Original Alloy Rims:

Have you scratched, curbed, or bent the alloy wheels on your car?  Maybe the clear coat is going bad and you want new alloy wheels to make your car look new again.  Whatever the reason, we carry Genuine OEM Alloy Rims to replace the rims on your car, truck, or SUV.  

All OEM Alloy Wheels are reconditioned to Like New, A+ Condition!  They are all Spun and Tested to ensure they are good and straight. The rims are completed in the exact matching finish and are guaranteed to match.  It is amazing to see how perfect the wheels turn out – they really are amazing. We sell these to hundreds of dealers nationwide and they sell the rims as “new replacement quality”.

Factory Original Steel Rims:

Similar to the Alloy Rims, we also carry Genuine OEM Steel Wheels.  The steel wheels are reconditioned to Like New, A+ Condition and are completed in the factory original finish for an exact match.  All Factory Steel Wheels are spun and tested to ensure they are perfect. Most Cars, Trucks, and SUV’s are coming stock with the Alloy Rims these days, but there are still many vehicles out there running with steel wheels and we have got your covered!   

Replica Alloy Rims:

For a small amount of the OEM Alloy Wheels we carry, we also have the option of a new Exact Replica Rim.  These are brand new wheels made to exact factory specs as the original wheels. The new Replicas are the same size, offset, and finish to ensure they are just like buying a Genuine Stock Wheel.