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The Audi Q7 is the largest Audi SUV and was the first Audi SUV to hit the market in 2006.  It's the big brother to the Audi Q5 which launched in 2009.  The Q7 is large, offering a 3rd row seat and lots of storage for family getaways.  It's also very luxurious with leather everywhere, many high-end features like air-ride suspension, and can tow a boat!  Nearly all Audi Q7's come with 20 inch Original Wheels and go to 22 inch.  They do offer some 18 inch Wheels which are most often used for winter tires.  The Q7 Rims come in the latest and greatest Audi designs and special finishes - you should expect that in an SUV that starts around 55k and goes to over 100k.  

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