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Honda Replacement Stock Rims or Wheels

Honda Cars, Crossovers, and SUV's are known for Quality, Fuel Efficiency, and Value.  You can apply this same list to their main competitor also in Japan - Toyota.  Not normally packed with luxury bells and whistles and the latest high tech features, Honda focuses on an overall great experience for the best possible price.  The 2 staples of the Honda lineup, the Honda Civic and Honda Accord, are two awesome sedans which you'll find in every town in the USA.  The Honda Accord is a close 2nd in sales to the Toyota Camry and the Honda Civic trades 1st place from year to year with the Toyota Corolla.  Boy, have the Japanese Car Makers eaten the Big 3's lunch when it comes to Sedans.  I suppose that is why the American Big 3 focus more on Pickup Trucks and SUV's these days.  Honda didn't always have cool Alloy Wheels, but today they are offering most trim levels with Alloy Wheels while some entry level models come with Factory Steel Wheels.  Similar to Toyota, Honda is using a lot of Black and Charcoal Colors on their Rims.  They are most often Machined on the Face to create a cool 2-tone look.  Honda does a great job of delivering a great driving experience in a stylish and practical package.  You'll find the exact Honda OEM Rim at an awesome price at Finish Line Wheels.

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