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Find All Ford Stock Original Wheels and Rims both Alloy and Steel

Ford is one of the American Big 3 along with GM and Chrysler.  A Few famous Ford Models include the F-Series Truck, Explorer, and the Mustang.  Like the other Big 2, Ford makes a Car, Truck, or SUV for everyone from the small Ford EcoSport to the huge F350 Truck.  The founder, Henry Ford, is probably most famous for inventing the Assembly Line which revolutionized the auto industry.  Ford also has a rich racing history and are well known for beating Ferrari in the 1966 Lemans Race.  Most modern Ford Cars use mostly Alloy Rims while some entry trim levels coming with Steel OEM Rims.  Drawing inspiration from their racing history, many high level Ford Vehicles come with large 18-22 inch stylish Alloy Rims often in special colors and finishes.   Ford is using more Black and Charcoal Grey Colors these days often Machined on the Face of the rim giving them a cool 2-tone look.  Check out all the Ford OEM Wheels below.  You will love your new Ford Wheels.

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