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Chevrolet (Chevy) Original Stock Wheels

General Motors is one of the "Big 3" American Auto Makers.  The brand Chevrolet - often called Chevy these days - is the largest brand offered by the company and began in the early 1900's.  Even back in the day, Chevy used the Bowtie Logo which we still see today.  Chevrolet makes pretty much everything - from the tiny Chevrolet Spark to the giant Chevrolet Suburban and everything in-between.  Though Chevrolet makes everything, they are probably most successful these days with Pickup Trucks,  They also find success in Small to Large SUV's, and of course the hot new rear engine Chevy Corvette!  Today Chevy puts Alloy OEM Wheels on nearly all new cars with a huge range of Sizes, Colors, and Styles.  The New Corvette Z06 is offered with Black Carbon Fiber Rims - insane!  Search our Catalog to find the exact Model, Year, and Rim Style for your application.  You will love your new Chevy Wheels

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