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Dodge Challenger Factory Replacement Wheels

The Dodge Challenger was launched in the early 1970's with the sister product being the Plymouth Barracuda.  Some of those early Dodge Challengers with the big Hemi V8 were some of the most powerful Pony Cars back in the day.  If you find a low mileage mint Challenger with a Hemi get ready to pay big bucks.  As we got into the late 70's early 80's, the big racy Hemi V8 was gone and the cars were smaller and just not cool.  Re-launched again in 2008, like the Dodge Charger in 2006, the new Challenger looked sweet, had similar lines to the original, and power was back with the Hemi V8!  The Factory Wheels on modern Dodge Challengers range from 17 inch to 20 inch with many Racing Style Wheels coming in Colors like Charcoal, Black, and Hyper Silver.  Some higher end trims have a High Polished Finish.  Many new OEM Rims are also Machined on the Face giving a shiny 2 tone look.  You will love your new Challenger Rims.

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