Collection: Honda CR-V Wheels


The Honda CR-V is the 5th best selling car in the USA in 2021!  What was 4th?  It's direct competitor also from Japan, the Toyota RAV4.  The Honda CR-V keeps growing a little at every redesign and today is somewhere between a small SUV and a midsize SUV...or is it a Crossover?  Well whatever it is, the American Buyer loves it.  The Honda CR-V offers a ton of value with cool modern styling, all wheel drive, enough tech and comfort, awesome fuel mileage, and more.  Back in the early 2000's the CR-V had 15-16 inch wheels, today they are up to 19 inch wheels on the high trim level 2023 CR-V.  More Styles and Colors have been offered in recent years as Honda wants to stay near the top of the sales charts.  Find the exact Honda CR-V wheel you need in our Catalog.  Great wholesale pricing.

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