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Kia (sister brand Hyundai) has become a major brand in the USA.  Back in the early 2000's Kia was known as an entry level car brand offering cheap prices, good quality, so-so looks and appeal, decent driving experience, you get the idea. Over the last 10 years, they've gone from so-so to sweet! The South Korean Car Maker has a good mix of compact, small, midsize sedans, along with small to medium size SUV's and Crossovers. When you combine Kia and Hyundai US sales in 2021, we are talking over 1.5 million cars - 10% of total US sales, that's big-time.  It's actually a little more sales than Honda!  Three big winning models for Kia are the small sedan Kia Forte, midsize SUV Kia Telluride, small SUV Kia Sportage.  20 years ago, most Kias came with Factory Steel Wheels with only high level trims coming with Alloy Wheels. Today, most Kias come from the factory with Alloy Rims in the 16-17 inch range on the sedans and up to 20 inch on the high-end SUV's like the Telluride. Like the Japanese Makers Toyota and Honda, Kia is using a lot of Black and Charcoal Colors with a Machined Silver Finish on the face of the rims producing a cool 2-tone look. Also, some models are coming with Smoked Hyper Silver Alloy Wheels.

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