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Subaru Forester Replacement Original Wheels

When the Subaru Forester came out in 1998, people were kinda like "what is it?".  It had a more boxy and taller look than the Subaru Legacy and Legacy Outback.  Well, it ended up taking off big time and was able to expand sales.  In 2021 the Subaru Forester was the 20th best selling car in the USA.  It really hits that sweet spot in the small to medium-sized SUV / Crossover which the American buyers love.  Like the Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4, the "other" Japanese Automaker had a hit with the Forester.  When it comes to small to medium size sedans and SUV / Crossovers, the Japanese Manufacturers do it very well.  Subaru Foresters have come from the factory with both Alloy and Steel Wheels, but Alloy has been much more common in recent years.  The Forester uses a lot of 5 Y Spoke Designs with the use of Black and Charcoal Grey Colors utilizing a 2 Tone Machined Finish.  Most OEM Alloy Rims are coming stock in the 16-18 inch range.

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