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Dodge OEM Replacement Rims - Charger, Challenger, Ram and more

Dodge (and Chrysler) is one of the American Big 3 along with GM and Ford.  Though Dodge sells less vehicles than GM and Ford, they do have the 2nd best selling full-size truck in the US, the Dodge Ram 1500.  In recent years, Dodge launched "RAM" as it's own brand, so technically it's no longer a "Dodge Ram".  We haven't made the change yet on our website as everyone still calls it a Dodge Ram.  Switching to cars, the Dodge Chargers and Challenger were made famous in the late 1960's through the 1970's for their sweet style and lots of muscle.  The Dodge Hemi V8 of that era is considered the best and most powerful engine of the time.  Dodge produces many other car models like the small sedan Dodge Dart, Dodge Durango SUV, Dodge Dakota midsize truck, and more.  Dodge is considered the "inventor" of the Minivan back in 1984 when they launched the Dodge Caravan.  Eventually they also had minivans badged as the Plymouth Voyager and Chrysler Town & Country.  Modern Dodge Cars use many different Styles and Colors on their OEM Alloy Wheels.  Nearly all Dodges on the dealer lots are coming with 16-20 inch alloy rims.  Some lower trim levels will still come with Steel Rims and Hubcaps.  Following many other car makers, the trend of Black, Hyper Silver, and Charcoal Colors are very common.  

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