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The Jeep Wrangler was launched in 1987 after Chrysler purchased AMC.  But, the Wrangler had already been on the road for many years branded as the AMC CJ7 and CJ5 Jeep.  Today, a mint condition mid 1980's CJ7 Renegade with low miles can run you $50K!  Today the Jeep Wrangler is offered in 2 Door, 4 Door, and a 4 Door Pickup with a ton of different trim levels and tons of Factory Wheel Options.  If you include the Willys Jeeps from WWII, AMC CJ's, and Wranglers, it's one of the longest running car models in history.  Early Jeep Wranglers and CJ's used Steel OEM Wheels as standard.  In the 80's some smaller 15 inch Alloy Wheels would gain popularity, and today, most all Jeeps you see on the road have sweet looking Factory Alloys.  Modern Jeep Wranglers use 16-20 inch Alloy Rims from the factory in a large variety of Styles, Colors, and Finishes.  Many have 5 Y Spokes and are Charcoal or Black with 2-Tone Look.  Many Jeep Wrangler guys swap out their oem wheels for aftermarket, that just means there are more OEM Jeep Wheels for you!

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