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BMW 3-Series Factory Rims - Genuine OEM

The BMW 3-Series is legendary.  It's won the Car and Driver 10 Best Award 22 years in a row.  Adding all the variations of the BMW 3-Series together, it is BMW's best selling Model at around 30% of sales.  The 3-Series is the benchmark for Small to Midsize German Coupes and Sedans - If a car is compared to the BMW 3-Series, you can bet it handles like it's on rails and is an absolute blast to drive.  There are many BMW 3-Series Models like the 318, 320, 323, 325, 330, 335, and about 10 more, ha.  The best known variation of the 3-Series is the BMW M3 - a high horsepower 2 door couple or convertible rocket - the 2023 BMW M3 has 473 HP.  The OEM Alloy Wheel options on the BMW 3-Series are nearly endless when looking over the last 40 years with many different Styles, Colors, and Finishes.  From 15 inch Factory Wheels way back in the day to modern 3-Series using up to 20 inch.  The new M3 has a Factory Cross Spoke Black or Charcoal rim which is like no other, BMW is always on the cutting edge with their Original Wheels.

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