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BMW launched the X5 in 1999 and was the 1st time BMW offered a midsize SUV.  Not sure if BMW wanted to make an SUV, but us Americans are in love with SUV's and Trucks so they pretty much had to.  Today, BMW has an SUV from X2 all the way up to the X8 which should be out in a year.  Costing more than most other Japanese and American midsize SUV's, the BMW X5 comes loaded with leather everywhere, the latest safety and technology features, muscular modern looks, and a spirited driving experience for a fairly heavy SUV.  OEM Alloy Wheels offered on the X5 started at 17 inch back in 1999 growing to 21 inch on the X550M and other high level X5 trim levels.  Most BMW X5 Original Wheels are in Split Spoke Designs with most as 5 Y Spokes.  BMW X5 Wheels are in a Bright Silver finish with recent Colors in Charcoal and Black with Machined Face becoming more popular.  You will love your new BMW X5 OEM Rims.

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