Collection: Toyota Tacoma Wheels

Toyota Tacoma Replacement Stock Rims at awesome prices.  Find your Tacoma Wheel at FLW.

The Japanese Car Company Toyota started building the Tacoma back in 1995.  Back in the day it was more of a small pickup, but today, it's one of the best midsize trucks on the market today.  It's also the best selling.  252,000 new Toyota Tacomas hit the road in the USA in 2021, wow!  We love the new TRD (Toyota Racing Development) Wheels pictured above.  With a big range in price for model year 2022 (27k all the way to the low 50K range), it offers value, quality, and performance to please thousands of midsize pickup truck buyers.  With the Toyota Tacoma growing up to a midsize truck, the OEM Factory Wheels have grown as well.  Entry Level Tacomas come standard with Original Steel Rims with mid to high level trims coming with cool Alloy Rims all the way to 20inch.  Find the exact Toyota Tacoma Wheels in our Catalog at an awesome wholesale price.

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