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Subaru Outback (Legacy Outback) Original Alloy Rims

The Subaru Legacy Outback was launched in 1995 in the USA.  It was a slightly more rugged off-road take on the Subaru Legacy Wagon which had been around for a while.  Well, it was a hit, and today the Subaru Outback is in the top 20 best selling cars in the US.  As the years went on, the Subaru Legacy Outback became so popular that Subaru introduced it as it's own Model in 2000.  The Subaru Outback has become more SUV-like over the years.  They now have a Wilderness Edition which has a much more rugged look with bigger tires and more ground clearance and come with a cool 17 inch Black 6 Spoke Wheel.  Not the biggest wheel, but allows for a larger cushy tires to handle the bumps offroad.  Most Subaru Outback Wheels are Machined on the Face with a Black or Dark Charcoal Color in-between the spokes.  Nearly all Subaru Outbacks come with Factory Alloy Rims in 17-18 inch with only the Base Model coming with Steelies. 

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