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The Honda Accord is the 2nd best selling midsize sedan in the USA, number 1 is the Toyota Camry .  None of the American Big 3 Car Makers come close to what the 2 Big Japanese Makers have accomplished in the sedan market.  The Accord is known for incredible reliability while delivering modern style, comfort, and safety in an affordable package.  Like all Japanese cars, they are great on gas and offer a great warranty.  Back in the day, 70's and 80's, the Honda Accord was more like a small compact car.  When you go to the Honda Dealer today you'll find the grown-up midsize Honda Accord.  Like the Civic, Honda is using many different styles and finishes for the Alloy Wheels on the Accord.  Many are offered in Black and Charcoal with Machined Face.  Most Styles have 5 Slanted spokes giving them a racy vibe.  Find the exact Honda Accord Rim in our catalog today.  Thanks for visiting FLW.

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