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Factory Replacement Rims for your Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular compact cars in history.  Some 28 million have been sold over the last 50 years, wow!  The Japanese car makers have had a lock on the small and midsize sedan market.  The biggest competitor, also from Japan, is the Toyota Corolla.  Launched in 1972, the Civic has come in all kinds of different looks, 2 door, 4 door, small hatchbacks like the CR-X, and a 4 door Civic Type R - the ultimate Hot Hatch which has been selling over MSRP in 2022.  Back in the day, the Honda Civic had fairly unattractive Alloy and Steel OEM Rims.   In recent years they have focused much more on the Alloy Wheels with lots of cool Styles, Colors, and Finishes.  Most of them have a Swirl look with Spokes curving to the right and often Black with Machined Face.  Find your exact Honda Civic rim at FLW at a great price.

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