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Jeep Grand Cherokee Replacement Alloy Wheels

 The Jeep Grand Cherokee was the 8th best selling Car in the USA in 2021 with the Jeep Wrangler following in at 15th.  Before Chrysler purchased AMC back in 1987, Jeep was best known for the CJ5 and CJ7 (Wranglers) and the Jeep Cherokee (the smaller boxy SUV).  I bet you remember the Jeep Cherokee in the 1980's classic movie Goonies, "ORV... bullet holes this big! - Chunk"  In 1993 Jeep launched the Grand Cherokee, a slightly larger and much more refined SUV.  Today, the Grand Cherokee is one of the top selling mid-sized SUV in the USA year after year.  The 5th generation launched in 2021 and has a huge range in price, from 39K to north of 70K!  Modern Jeep Grand Cherokees use a variety of Factory Alloy Rims.  Many have 5 Double Spokes and range from 17 to 20 inch and use a lot of Grey and Black Colors.  Also, the high-end trim levels often use high Polished Finish.  You will love your new Replacement OEM Rims.

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