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Factory Original Rims for your Lexus

Lexus is the luxury brand for Toyota.  Most Lexus Models share a chassis or "platform" with a similar model Toyota.  However with Lexus Cars, they load them up with lots of luxury options and the latest technology and safety features.  They also pull out all the stops when it comes to styling, colors, and of course - Factory Wheels!  
Lexus is probably considered the most reliable luxury brand in the world as they take the legendary Toyota quality and add all the bells and whistles to it.  It's very similar to Nissan's Xfinity Brand and Honda's Acura Brand, but I think people would probably give the nod to Lexus as the best.  Lexus was introduced in the late 1980's to the US market with the Lexus LS - a large luxury sedan.  There are still old Lexus LS400's out there running today and I'm sure there's more than a few with over 500k miles.  The Lexus RX Series has been by far the most popular selling model in the USA.  The Lexus RX300 made a big splash as a mid-sized luxury SUV in the 1990's and has continued to be one of the best selling mid-sized luxury SUV's today.  
Today Lexus is heavily focused on the SUV Market in the USA.  We love our SUV's, ha.  With the success of the RX, Lexus created a larger model SUV's in the GX & LX Series.  These are more rugged and share many parts with their sister models Toyota 4Runner and Land Cruiser.   It's not all SUV's though, Lexus still manufactures the LS large sedan which will always be a staple Lexus model.   The best selling Lexus Sedan is the ES as it's a more affordable mid-sized sedan which gives a good amount of luxury for a more attractive price.  Whichever Lexus Model you go for, there is no doubt they make incredibly reliable, luxurious, and attractive models for most buyers out there.  
Search out Make, Model, Year above or use our Keyword Search to find the exact Genuine OEM Lexus Wheel you need.  Lexus OEM Rims use a lot of 2 tone finishes and often have sharp edges and futuristic looking styles to go along with the modern styling of their lineup.  You'll love your new Lexus Factory Rims!