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The Nissan Altima is a 4 door sedan positioned between the smaller Nissan Sentra and the more luxurious Nissan Maxima.  It is also Nissan's best selling sedan in the USA usually ranking around 20 overall.  Now on it's 6th Redesign, the Altima has grown from a smallish compact sedan into a mid-level midsized sedan in high demand.  The Nissan Altima is in a highly competitive midsize sedan market dominated by fellow Japanese Makers Toyota and Honda, but it has done well considering how dominant the Camry and Accord are.  The Japanese Automakers dominate the compact and midsize car market in the USA, with the South Koreans making a huge push with Hyundai and Kia.  Today's Nissan Altima uses 5 Double Spoke Wheels often in Black and Charcoal Colors.  The trend lately is to Machine the Face of the Spokes to give the wheels a cool 2 tone look.

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