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Similar to the Nissan Altima, the Nissan Sentra has continued to grow over the years.  It was introduced 40 year ago way back in 1982 as a small compact car.  Today, the Sentra is much more refined and has grown into a compact car bordering on small.  The Nissan Sentra is geared at entry level buyers looking for a lot of bang for the buck - it starts at 19K dollars!  Even the higher trim levels like the Nissan Sentra SR includes a lot of interior features, safety upgrades, alloy wheels, 37mpg on the highway, and costs around 25K.  That's some serous value folk.  Nissan needs to do this to compete with the slightly more expensive Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla which dominate the compact sedans.  Entry priced Nissan Sentras come with OEM Steel Rims and Hubcaps while the higher end trim levels come with Alloy Rims.  Most are 5 Double Spokes or 5 Swirl Spokes often in colors Grey and Black.  You will love your new Nissan Sentra Wheels.

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